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Did you sports betting, but lost?

We are a team of sports fanatics working towards transforming the way the sport is organised, played, analysed and experienced.

Here you can join our VIP program and get the best, paid betting tips from a trustworthy tipster. Me and most of my tipsters have a math background, and we have tested numerous betting strategies before deciding to create this website and provide betting predictions.

We have solid stats on them as well. Accurate sports prediction is our bread and butter, but this not mean we`ll have a 100% win rate.

We deliver accurate, algorithm-driven predictions & easy-to-use tools to help you make better bets on every game, player market, and statistic.


Sure betting

Imagine you could cover all outcomes in a match and make a profit no matter who wins. This is called sure betting, also known as sports arbitrage, surebets, arbitrage betting or arbitrage trading. With sure betting, you cover all the outcomes of a match by placing bets with different bookmakers. You make a profit no matter the outcome.

  • Cover all outcomes and win every time
  • Steady profits with no/little risk
  • The world’s most popular sure betting service
  • Used by over 125,000 customers world wide

Perfect Bets users regularly make a profit of 10-20% per month – each and every month.

Steady profit every month with no or very little risk. When sure betting you cover all outcomes in a match and make a profit no matter the result of the game. It requires some time to learn the basics but it will bring you substantial and sure profit. Start using the fastest, most user-friendly and most actively developed sure betting service on the market.

Value betting

With value betting, you take advantage of overpriced odds that are higher than their true probability.  Value betting is taking advantage of overpriced odds that are higher than their true probability. When value betting, you will be placing bets that have a larger chance of winning than implied by their odds.

  • The easiest way to make money on sports
  • Bet on overpriced odds
  • Works with smaller bankrolls
  • Easy product that takes little time

If you place 30 bets per day, you will on average double your investment in 3 months.

You will be placing bets that have a larger chance of winning than implied by the bookmakers odds. You only need a small number of bookmaker accounts and you don’t need a big bankroll. It is perfect for you who can handle variance and want an easy way to make money.


We’re a team of data scientists, machine-learning engineers and experienced developers that love sports betting & fantasy sports. We’ve worked tirelessly since 2013 to build the most expansive automated prediction system for US sports. We believe in transparency & empowering players with powerful tools & data that cut down the time it takes to research bets.

Maximize ROI

Find not just the winning bets, but also the smartest bets every day.

Profit Guarantee

In fact, we are so confident about it that we offer a 100% Profit Guarantee on your first month.

Identify Value

Balance risk & reward to improve your chances & win more in the long-term.


1 month: 30 €

  • 10 most profitable sure bet opportunities everyday
  • 10 sports
  • 33 sites in Prematch
  • Valuebets
  • Betting history and statistics

Example of a daily report

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s going on here?
This service analyzes bookmakers’ lines and searches for surebets and valuebets.

How long will I be able to use the service once I subscribe?
The prices are specified per one calendar month. That is, if you pay on July 1st, the subscription will expire on August 1st.

What are the average odds of your tips?
Our average PROFIT is somewhere between 500% and 1200% per month.

After I made payment, how do I get your SUREBETS?
You will receive our tips by email, whatsApp or Telegram in maximum 1 hour. And every day for 30 days

Do you offer long term membership (2 months, 3 months .etc) ?
Yes we do. We can give you better deals if you are interested in buying minimum 2 months of tips. Contact us for better deals!

I still have questions, what I should do?
If you still have questions, please send an email to and you will receive a response in maximum 1 hours.

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